Meet Howie! He is magnificent!

We saw him across the street. I totally thought he was a St. Bernard. Not so. Howie is a Newfoundland. I did not know they could come in brown and white.

Miss Peach and I love Howie...we've decided he and Jebba need to get married immediately.

Is it weird that I ran across the street and took a picture of him...I don't think so;)

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  1. Not weird at all. Wherever we went with Pup, people took his photo.
    We used to joke that there are millions of photos of our dog across the world .. I had a black Newfoundland, way back a long time ago.
    He was the most passive, huge , slobbering love dog .. he was actually allowed to ride on a bus in San Francisco one night, the driver was obviously a dog lover :)


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