"I smell nailpolish" I said to myself.

I looked around the couch...didn't see anything...closed my computer and went to bed.

Cut to 6am...

Screaming from down the hall "I have nail polish in my hair!!!!" Miss Peach sobbed in horror.

I jumped out of bed.

O.M.G layers of orange and green nail polish was clumped all over her head! Her hair literally had the consistency of plastic. It had dried ALL night in her hair.

How the HECK was I gonna get this out?!?

Thank goodness for Google. I sat on the toilet, iPhone in hand while calming Miss Peach down..."Mommy is gonna get this out...don't you worry...mommy is gonna fix this..."

"Get nail polish out of hair" clicked search.

Two words...BABY OIL. I suspect peanut oil would work as well, but we didn't have any peanut oil in the house.

It literally took me over an hour to work about half a bottle of baby oil through the individual clumps of hair, but it slowly worked it out.

When it had loosened enough, I used a fine tooth comb and gently combed through the strands as well. It was working. We lost some big clumps, but I think that was hair that had broken down from the polish. Let's face it, nail polish is pretty harsh stuff...and this was sparkly polish...ugh.

Then it was on to the shower...I must have shampooed her hair 5 times. I had worked over half a bottle of baby oil on it...now I had to get that out.

Apparently, Miss Peach and The Little Man had had a bedtime argument that spilled into him sneaking into her room after she had fallen asleep, and dousing her head with  polish. He didn't mean to do so much harm, and he sat in the bathroom the entire hour and a half I spent cleaning it up. I could tell he felt really bad:(

Let's just say, it was a dreadful morning, and leave it at that...

*Kitty in tree has nothing to do with the story. It's just another iPhoneography submission, fully edited in Snapseed;)

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  1. Oh boy! That must have been some argument... Glad you were able to get it out.


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