So...I went to NY...

Yeah...I went to BlogHer '12 in NYC. There were many pluses and minuses to the whole experience.

Since I'm in a place where I need to focus on the positive, I'll run in that direction...

It was in NY. I LOVE NY! I truly, TRULY think I could live there.

My favorite part of BlogHer is seeing my friends. I snuck out to have a poor sad pizza that tried so hard to be from Chicago...but just wasn't;) Pizza aside...the conversation...PRICELESS;)

Got to sneak out again and have some FABULOUSLY too expensive sushi. Again, great friend, great conversation. Oh...and the yummy Thai restaurant around the corner from the hotel...ate twice there:P

I heard from someone that there were over 4,000 bloggers there. Who were all those people?!?

Speaking at the Geek Bar was a highlight for me. I've been at this game for so long, I enjoy helping folks who are at the beginning of their journey. I'll admit right here and now...I only made it to one session. Any guesses on what it was? Iphoneography...and it was a DOOZY.

I'm going to break down all my notes for that session over the weekend. It. Was. That. Valuable...More later;)


  1. The highlight for ME? Sleeping with you......

  2. AMAZING photo!!
    Glad to hear you had a good time. Hope you were lucky to have just as great as roommate this year, as last.

  3. Loved, loved, loved seeing you. Love that we can not see each other for two years and fall right back into step. (although let's not let that much time go by again, mkay?) You made Blogher so much fun. Miss you!

  4. Darn, did not get to meet you in person!!

  5. IPhoneography ? lol ... I am not too sad about going back to NY myself, will do some pizza taste testing too.

  6. Hey Cynthia! Thanks so much for coming to our panel! Let me know if you have any questions about the panel! I'm so glad to hear it was so helpful! Also, two things for you: 1. GREAT shot! 2. Yay Chitown! :)

    - Stacy

  7. Such a great session with you at the Geek Bar. Implementing all of your suggestions. Already backed up my xml and my template. Woot.

    Can you post/direct me to a tutorial about adding the search bar to the tabs at the top of my blog?

    Thanks again for what was, in terms off pure, raw, helpful info, the best session I attended at BlogHer12.

    Nicole Leigh Shaw/Ninja Mom

  8. It was great meeting you! You rocked at the Geek Bar. Your tips were invaluable. I discovered that blogger has an "off" option for the navbar now. So, it's easy peasy to remove now. Let's stay in touch. I love sushi and I hear that it's good in Chicago too!


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