I'm going to tell you the story of the beginning of my week, while showing you pictures of the rest of my week.
"It will take an hour, and your old tooth will be extracted, and you'll leave with the implant." my dentist said.

Sounds too good to be It was:/
No one is ever comfortable going in to have a tooth extracted and a titanium rod screwed into their jaw, but I wanted a tooth where the decaying hole in my mouth onward march.

They have this thing called the wedge. I had never had the wedge before. It is exactly what it sounds like...a hard rubbery wedge that they shove in your mouth to keep it open REALLY WIDE so that 2 sets of hands, a drill, a water pic, and suction can fit all at one time:O
That stuff they put on your gum to "numb" it...never works. I always feel the shot:/

Once the shot had taken affect...wedge and everything but the kitchen sink was in my mouth:O In order to losen the tooth, a tiny jackhammer goes to work in my mouth...and. I. feel. it:O It. Hurts.

I stop Mr Dentist and he hits me with another shot. I. Feel. That. Too:(

Drill. Pain. Repeat...5 more times.
Apparently, nerves in your mouth can either be all clumped up which means you can hit them with minumal shots...OR, they can be all over your mouth...which means MANY shots...Yay me:/

Finally the tooth came out...good ridance.

"Now the easy part." Says the assistant. "The implant shouldn't take too long."

While I can't actually feel the implant drilling into my bone...I can smell it...and I can taste it as I swallow the watery nonesense swilling around in my mouth:/

Something has got to be wrong...because he. just. keeps. DRILLING:/

Finally...two hours later...they give up. "Your jaw bone is too soft. We're going to have to fill in the hole and try again for the implant in three months." BUMMER:/

Pack. Pack. Pack the bone graft into my jaw...followed by underpinning the skin graft on top...followed by wound dressing...and then top it off with sticky nasty silly putty like slopped over the entire right side of my mouth to keep the whole thing in and send me on my way.

Spit. Yuck. Come back in 3 months and we can do it all over again...Yay TEAM!


  1. *la la la I can't hear you la la la*

    (I have two that are coming out and need the same thing. IT BETTER GO LESS MISERABLY.)

    Hope you're feeling OK now!

  2. OMG Im already scared of the dentist, and I need some major work when we get the money. My last experience was similar to yours. Next time, Im getting the gas. I dont care what it costs.

  3. I've had it done too and it's completely miserable. The goopy stuff makes me gag. I sooooooo feel your pain.

  4. My husband had 3 implants done since we have lived in BA.
    One had to be removed, the tooth wasn't working out.
    Here is the miraculous part : no pain. Nada.
    I don't care, I am not doing it , not for anything. Getting a cleaning and a filling puts me into a panic for months. I am the product of bad dentistry.
    I hope your mouth heals fast and feels fine now.

  5. I really hope that this isn't the dentist I sent you too? But you did say dentist I gave you an oral surgeon. I think I'm safe...please.


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