Wee one

Miss Peach loves Ellen. She's totally jealous of those two little tutu wearing girls who are on the show all the time (I can't remember their names:/)

Anyway, we watch it all the time while Mommy works on her computer.

Today, I'm working away and she says "Mommy is Ellen's 1,500 show a wee one?"

I'm like "1,500 shows is not a wee one, it's a lot of shows."

She was a bit irritated while hanging her head upside down off the bed still watching the show "No, is it a WEE WON?"

Again I say "1,500 shows is a lot, I wouldn't call it "wee""


We lather rinse repeated this for a while and I kept thinking "that's a lot of shows" then it clicked...

"OH...a REEERUN!" "Yes, Ellen's 1,500 show is a rerun:)"

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  1. We're big Ellen fans too.Gotta love baby talk :) I spend a lot of time deciphering my 2 year old. A lot of times we both end up frustrated, but the way she and her 3 year old brother put things is, more often than not, hilarious.


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