Disney Horses

Took the kiddos to see Brave over the weekend.

I really enjoyed it. It was not the best Disney movie I've ever seen...but it was pretty darn good;)

My favorite part...Angus the horse.
Those folks at Disney know how to do horses. Come to think of it...I love all the Disney horses...
Remember Maximus? How AWESOME was he?!? LOVE!
Samson...the horse on Sleeping Beauty...they just always have so much personality...
Oh...and I loved Philippe, Belle's horse...and sweet Major from Cinderella...I know there's more, but these are some of my favorites;)


  1. Loved Maximus, too! I haven't seen Brave but my sis took the girlies Friday. I want to see it! I love all things Disney. I seriously hope I'm still watching Disney flicks with my girls even when they're in high school.

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