Animated jawbone

I had my first of many dental appointments on my way to having an expensive, bright, shiny new tooth. (I think when all is said and done it will take about 6 months...and I kid you not...around $4,000!)

The bottom line is, there really isn't enough tooth to build on, so they need to do an extraction, an implant...and then add a crown to the implant:/ Good times...

I went in last week expecting to have the extraction. Got myself all relaxed and mentally prepared for shots in my mouth and tooth removal.

Mr. Periodontist took a look at my x-rays and said "You have enough jaw bone to do both the extraction and the implant at the same time." "If you're up for'll save you about 4 months of recovery time on your way to your new tooth."

So yeah, I'm up for it. Doesn't save me any money...but time is a good thing too.

Then we spent the day modeling my jaw...
Say hello to my skull...
How sad is it that the second they made a model of me in this cool program I was all..."Hello Photoshop for Dentists!"

This program was SUPER cool...and according to Periodontist's the newest of the new technology.
They actually placed the implant and tooth with this.

Then, they will create a 3d model of my lower jaw and make a guide to drill from.

How crazy is that!?!

I wonder if I could save a few bucks by just adding the tooth in you're talking my language;)

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