Museum Day!

Monday was Pulaski school for the kiddos. It just so happened that The Museum of Science and Industry had a free day on Monday as well. Off to the museum we went...
Little Man was BESIDE himself. This place really is a boy heaven.
You really can't go wrong with REAL LIVE airplanes suspended from the ceiling...I mean c'mon!
This place is SO HUGE that they have a life sized combine for my little guy to drive...he had a ball. I hadn't been to The Museum of Science and Industry in easily 10 years. While my kiddos were running around like little crazy people screaming and pointing at all of the goodies...I couldn't help but remember my 8th grade trip to this very. same. museum.
As a little kid growing up on a farm in the middle of nowhere...coming to the big city was a HUGE deal. While there have been MANY upgrades...The Fairy Castle is still just about one of the coolest things in the whole darn place. Why can't I play with it?
We spent about 3 hours there...and didn't even make a dent in all the fun things to do. No doubt we'll be back...many...many times;)


  1. We were in Chicago last summer and I can't believe we didn't visit this place! This reminds me of the Smithsonian Aero Space Museum in Washington DC which was incredible. What a great place to take the kiddos.

  2. Those are totally awesome planes. Excellent adventure!

  3. I didn't know Blogger had threaded did you do that?


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