First sleepover

Miss Peach has had this in the works for weeks...Sissy sleepover party! (Sissy is one of my single girlfriends who lives down the road...and has known Miss Peach since the day she was born.)

As the date drew little Pixie started getting nervous.

"Mommy...I'm a bit apprehensive about the sleepover." She'd say...or

"Mommy...I'm getting nervous about the sleepover."

I don't know if six is the right age for a sleep away from home. I'm thinking to other kiddos, perhaps sleeping away from Mommy and Daddy isn't a big deal. For whatever kiddos have never slept with out both parents...ever. For Miss Peach...this was a BIG deal.

Cutest moment: When she Googled "sleepover etiquette"...

That's where she got the idea to play fashion show. Holy created a monster there:
The sleepover was a GRAND success.

She has spent the day BEGGING Mommy to let her move in with Sissy.

I feel loved;P


  1. The first sleepover away from mom and dad - always a tough one. I too, love that feeling when your kiddos are ready to "trade up" :)

  2. Wow, Miss Peach says apprehensive and she can Google sleepover etiquette? I can barely spell either LOL She's such a dolly!

    1. I know...she even stunned me with etiquette. I don't know where she got that one!

  3. Hey, I can't blame the kid for wanting to move in. I throw a good sleepover.

  4. Adorable!!! I definitely remember playing "fashion show" at sleepovers when I was younger! Glad she had a blast!


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