Yep, I'm STILL sick:/ Now I'm on antibiotics, so I'm hoping...whatever germs have taken root in my head will soon be gone. *fingers crossed*

Still working too. I just redid NW Designs...Wanna see?
Yep...I moved to Genesis. If you want to get into an in depth discussion about the pros and cons of Headway vs Genesis, I'd be happy to have it with you...didn't think so;)

Speaking of The Bachelor, which no one was doing...HOW did he pick Courtney?!? That woman is 50 different kinds of INSANE! Blech!

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  1. Hope you start feeling better.

    And yes, Courtney is 50 kinds of insane! But we really don't need to go into WHERE Ben's thinking from when we're talking about Courtney... do we? (PS... did you see the tweet roaming around comparing Courtney to Dana Carvey's SNL "Church Lady? #Hilarious)


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