Showing up

I was nervous. Miss Peach had threatened not to go for, months.

"You have to go to the Christmas concert." I told her.

"I won't sing." she stubbornly retorted.

"Everyone will be depending on you to be there." I said.

"I don't care...I won't sing."

OK...D Day, I got her to the show. She hemmed and hawed, and I encouraged her to put one foot in front of the other and just get there. We didn't think about the concert, we didn't talk about the concert...we just got to school by 6:10.

I dropped her off at her classroom, and sat down in the auditorium with everyone else.

It. Took. FOREVER to finally get to her class...but she did it.
I have no idea what she is thinking here, but she's not singing, and she's not happy:/ (and my picture idea what happened there:P)

I was just proud she made it onto the stage;)

Afterwards, I said "I'm so proud of you!"

"I didn't sing." she said.

"It doesn't did it. You got on that stage, even though you were scared. Well done:) Somebody once said (Woody Allen) that 95% of life is showing up. You, Miss Peach, showed up!"

"Yeah...well I didn't sing."

Maybe she didn't get it now...but she will one day;)


  1. She does not look the least bit happy, but she is there. Baby steps.

  2. She made it! Congrats, Miss Peach! Hope you guys had a rockin New Year's.

  3. Wonder where she gets that stubborn streak? ;-)


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