More proof...

...that you can't take me anywhere;P
I saw this today. I'd like to say I was dragged...but it ain't so. (Back me up on this Sissy...I was a willing participant in this nonsense.)

I have from the beginning not been a reader of the books, and I am convinced that it has about as much talent and thought as your average Lifetime movie. Honestly, if I was at home, watching on Lifetime, I'd be like...meh.

I'm sure I'm revealing spoilers here, so if you are into this mambo jambo...look away...don't be mad at me when I tell you what happens next...'cause I'm gonna...

First off, the whole first half of the movie was all wedding, and if I may say so, Bella is the mopiest bride EVER, on the planet:( Mope, mope, mope...then beautiful dress. I'm not kidding, her dress was STUNNING. Then we do more moping...

One of my favorite ridiculous parts is the Jacob, Bella, Edward argument about them having sex while Bella is human. "It will kill her!" OK...none of this ever stopped the True Blood vampires from gettin' it on. I'm just sayin'...

Then more moping on the honeymoon. Sex, destroyed furniture...more moping...BAM...Bella's pregnant...and more moping. These are the unhappiest people on earth!

So...they all argue, and the wolf pack gets all whipped up and want to kill Bella, and the baby...wa, wah, waaaahhhh.

There's this one girl, in the wolf pack, who I kinda thought..."Why doesn't Jacob go for her?" She's all "Imprint on someone...or her." Now excuse me while I go Google "imprint"... has to do with love at first sight...whatever, even that is mopey.

Anyway, the wolves are at the door, Bella dies in childbirth, Edward is all biting her to turn her, and Jacob goes into the room where the baby is....and he imprints on the baby, which means the wolves can't touch her.

At this point...I burst into uncontrollable laughter:O We are talking, had to bury my head in my coat out of control laughter. It's like I hit my nonsense limit, and my body couldn't take it anymore.

I know I'm not the target demographic for Twilight...and all of that being said...I'm totally in for the next one:P


  1. I absolutely cannot stand this bit of garbage...i have seen the last three movies and i think they suck...i have liked kristine stewart in other movies but i feel like this charecter is just like you said mopey...n ya i dnt get the whole not having sex thing with vamps...hello buffy got it on with 2 of them...i absolutly hated how in the third one she was all like i cant live without edward...and also i find edward to be ugly...if i was her id be all for jacob. Plus vampires are not suppost to sparkle...theres a show that has a similar theme as this movie called vampire diaries...its waayyyyy better trust me.

  2. I would have lost it too. I truly don't understand all the hype and why women my age and older (and I'm as old as dirt) are acting like high school groupies.

  3. Jacob imprinted on the baby...THE BABY!!!

  4. My older sister (who is over 50) requested this flick as her birthday movie outing. So we went and I swear to God I almost burst into laughter when Jacob ripped his shirt off within 5 minutes. Booya! ;)


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