Princess attack

Our first night at Disney involved a Cinderella character dinner.

I had NO idea what we were in was quite a scene.

After being escorted to our table, we were instructed where to sit, and that the characters would come to our table one at a time, talk to the kiddos, sign autographs, and pose for pictures. Cinderella, her stepsisters (who were hilarious) the wicked stepmother (who my kiddos wanted no part of...SCARY lady) and the Prince were making the rounds.
Seriously...did I mention the stepsisters were HILARIOUS?

Well, there was this little boy, who had conked out before his family was even seated at their table. The family did what I would have done...let him sleep on two chairs while his sister got to meet all the characters.

We walked by him on the way out...and I just had to snap this shot (with the parents permission of course)
Every character that stopped by the table planted a big lipstick SMOOCH on his sacked out little face:O

How CUTE is that!?!


  1. I am glad she was hilarious, cuz she could be scary :)
    Cute, that is cute ... cuter than cute.

  2. best money ever spent I say! we loved it there!


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