Crafty Halloween Sign #gluenglitter

You wouldn't think I was crafty...but I am. I have two design degrees already...I can get my craft on!

OK, project "Create a Halloween sign" (This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Elmer's #gluenglitter #collectivebias #CBias) Well I sure can do that!
We started out at Walmart...three things: I have never seen so much candy in my life, I am not ready for Christmas AT ALL, and all the glue I could ever want.
I don't know why it is...but The Little Man is obsessed with Pom Pom balls (He calls them Smuzzies...and we spent a fair amount of time gluing googly eyes on them last night.)

We did have a game plan, and it involved:
-Foam Core Board/one black and one white-I would like to mount the world in foam core board...luv it!
-Elmer's Glue Spots-never used 'em before, but they worked well.
-Cheapest black and white paint I could find.
-Cheap paint brush

things I had at home:
-x-acto knife
The first thing I did was cut out the foam core board. Be sure to cut on the slant, so it looks more distressed. Cut out curvy triangle slats from the edges, and in the center. The end look is an old weathered board. So don't be precise...what we are doing is is weathering it up.

Oh, and don't forget to cut a Mr. Ghost shape out in the white foam core...again, not precise.
Here's where the black paint comes into play. I had a wide paintbrush at  home and I literally dumped the black paint on the board and painted in long strokes across the board. This part was fun for kiddos...I did the x-acto stuff without them.
Paint, paint, paint...we painted the sign and Mr Ghost. After letting that dry overnight...we went back in and painted the letters. Don't be surprised after the overnight...the paint does curve the board a bit...which is good, since we're going for spooky/weathered.

I did a little pencil stenciling of the words so the kiddos could paint over...again not precise here.
Now that you've got your pieces...take a hammer and Philips screwdriver and pop holes in the different signs so you can tie them together with the string. Don't forget to add two holes on top so you can hang it.

Then we tied up the sign. The last thing we did was add Mr Ghosty. All we did was pop the glue spots on and turn him over and smush...he was stuck on the sign!
The kiddos are thrilled with it...and I had a ball getting my craft on! Can you believe this started out as foam core board? Me neither;)

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  1. Looks awesome!! Love the distressed look you gave the board!

  2. Awesome job!!! Thanks for participating in the Elmer's project;) You did a great job!!!

  3. Ooohhh, spoooooooky! That turned out great!


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