Boy stuff at Disney

The first two days at Disney were a blur of Princesses. I would call The Little Man patiently annoyed.

He really wants no part of the Princess thing...he just wanted to meet Lightning Mcqueen.

You can bet Mommy delivered!
It took a bit of doing. Would you believe they have Lightning and Mater buried at the back of Hollywood Studios?!? They do...but Little Man and I found them.

He was VERY happy:)

Then we found The Muppets!
Everyone LOVES The Muppets! How did I not know they were Disney?

I did not know that.


  1. My children are going to pass out when they see this.

    I can't wait!!

  2. They were bought by Disney about 15-20 years ago. Right around the time they bought Winnie the Pooh. Because Disney has to own EVERYTHING. ;)

  3. Tracey beat me to it - although Disney does not own erything. There is, after all, Me. And my blog. Still, and always, free and unencumbered by corporate greed.


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