Get set...GO!

FINALLY...the first day of school is here! I can't help but ask myself...
Who are these children? Seriously, Mommy breaks out her camera to take a picture...
...and they strike a pose! Not just one pose...(well The Little Man had one pose)
...but Miss Peach struck pose after pose.

What is with the expression on The Little Man's face? Is that the four year old interpretation of a cool guy look?

*sigh* School, sweet wonderful school:)


  1. Feeling pretty comfy with that Nikon, eh? Well done. Very nice pics.

  2. YAY for SCHOOL! Do you not put shoes on your child???? HAHAHA

  3. Awww yay! :) And I agree... what is with that "cool guy look"?!? Tell Miss Peach her picture will be on my blog on Thursday! :)

  4. :) Hope they enjoyed their first day and that the rest of the year is awesome! Little Man's face is just a riot. What is up with that?

  5. How many times did you kiss those faces before they were able to get out the door ?

  6. I'd say your little man has been watching Zoolander. :) HOpe they have a great year.


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