Burnin Down the House

Walked into this Friday when I picked the kiddos up from school...
 Holy Moly, it was a BIG fire!
It took down the house quick! I mean...that's a brick facade...but the whole inside burned out, and took down the building:O
Would you believe this is exactly ONE block from the firehouse?

It is. Even then, they couldn't save the place...No one was living there...and I'm thinking they suspect arson.

Scary stuff none the less:O


  1. What a shame! It looks like it was a beautiful house.

  2. Yikes!! So glad no one was actually living there!

  3. I guess they couldn't get the Million Bucks they had it on the market for.

  4. Years back I lived in a rowhouse downtown. Our living room was on the second floor in the back, so we often couldn't hear street noise. However, it was a real surprise to me one Saturday afternoon, when after sitting quietly all day watching tv I came out to find the house ONE DOOR DOWN had burned to the shell. Much like that one, it was a brick building that just went poof. The whole street was blocked off, there were dozens of people watching the half a dozen fire engines. And me? Totally unaware. It's sad. I love those old houses.


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