Bird is the word

Any guesses what this is...
 It's a bit odd...what if I show you this...'re never gonna guess, so I'll tell you.

There's this National Geographic Wild show called Live Like an Animal. What these folks do, is choose an animal (I believe they did beavers in London for another show) build their living environment, and then live like that animal for 24 hours.

This rounds animal...a hummingbird.
There is a whole team of folks set up at The Lincoln Park Zoo filming the whole experience.

My understanding is...since hummingbirds eat their own weight in nectar each day...three men will be not only living in the nest, but eating 80 liters of sugar water, and whatever beef jerky they can catch as it's catapulted to them. (Replicating bugs that hummingbirds catch.) Yum...not:/
What...this sort of thing happens everywhere...right? ;)

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  1. Who knew such a place existed? Glad I found your blog. Sugar water & jerky...mmmmm


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