Things I can, and things I can't... about.

Last week...for lack of a better word...sucked:/

I find it hard to have a blog, and not be able to talk about certain things...but I can't.

So...I'm going to sit here and talk about my big toe, which I bruised at tennis a couple weeks ago. I bruised it again on Friday. Believe me when I tell you, the darn thing looks like it's going to fall off my foot. Not. So. Pretty:/

I've started running again, which is what I do when I'm stressed. I find it helps me think through my anxiety. During my entire run today...I felt like and old lady, which totally. bummed. me. out:/

...and then my toe fell off...not really:/


  1. Sweetheart, if you need somone to talk to, just find the "Call Me" button on my blog.

  2. I totally understand, believe me, you know that...


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