Camp Update

It amazes me how overly nervous I was about sending The Little Man back to camp this week.

It doesn't bother me one bit if he gets in the pool. After all the swimming we've done (and we've done a lot) I know he isn't scared any more. If he chooses to swim, that's great. If he chooses not to, that's fine to. It's his decision.

I'm kinda in the mode of, if they can't get him in the this point, it's their problem. I got him swimming the last 7 days in a row. I even got him to reach his toes down and touch the bottom.

I didn't hear much Wednesday, but I got the vibe from Little Man that it did not go well:/

Today, at pick up, I was talking to Miss Peach's counselor about bringing cupcakes next week for her Birthday. It used to be, you could send pizza, or cupcakes for a it's all, so in so is allergic to cheese, or frosting gives my kiddo a you can't bring anything:( While I was clearing it with her counselor, the lead man came up and stood between our conversation...waiting...

Ugh...I just knew it was going to be a bad report about The Little Man. I could feel the pit in my stomach, and I didn't even want to acknowledge him there. I mean seriously, is it that hard to keep my four year old boy happy 3 days a week? Really?

"The Little Man had a great day today:)"

*blink, blink* I was all..."Really?"

He said "It started out kind of rough, but then I tried something...and it worked."

What did he try, you ask?

He tried to say he used some tactic he learned at blah-bitty-blah. In layman's terms, he bribed him. Which I'm totally cool with.

Now The Little Man has a cute little squishy toy that is his "camp buddy" and to get his camp buddy privilege, he listened to his counselor, swam in the pool, and was an all around super camper. The way I look at it, they gave him a do this, and you get that...and The Little Man chose to do this, and get that.

Thank goodness...'cause I just can't worry about the pool anymore.


  1. I'm so glad to hear it all worked out! Sometimes it can be more stressful than it needs to be.

  2. I love that he "learned" how to bribe a kid. Like it's a unique method, only invented recently and only learned by those who go through "training."

    Glad Lil Man is having more fun, though!

  3. Did he want an award for doing his job? I'm glad it Little Man is having fun!


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