I have already resolved that the only thing I'm going to do about this is b*tch on my blog about it. I'm not going to get anybody fired. I'm not going above anyone's head. I'm just plain not going to make any waves...but I'm right, and he's wrong.

You know I'm loving my health club these days...right?

The kiddos are loving camp...so...no worries...right?

Cut to pick up tonight. "Mrs Warden, can I have a moment with you?" the camp director says.

"Well sh*t, this can't be good:/" I think in my head.

"We're having a problem with The Little Man. He doesn't want to participate, and the biggest problem is, he doesn't want to swim. This means I have to have a counselor out of the pool to watch him, and that's not good."

I'm like..."I told you at the sign up that swimming was going to be a problem for The Little Man. You assured me that, that wouldn't be a problem, and that nobody had to swim who didn't want to swim."

To which he said..."I used to teach special needs kids. Have you had him tested?"

*blink, blink*

"Ummm...no I have not had him tested. Tested for what, not liking swimming?"

...and scene.

WTF?!? This camp director has known my child all of 3 days, and he's diagnosing him as special needs...because he doesn't want to swim? It's not even that I'm mad about the idea of him being special needs. If for one second I thought he was, I'd do everything I could to help him. It's that he's been through a year of preschool, spent countless hours in the playroom, and he's never had a problem. Now some guy who I've only met once is asking me about having my son tested. That just sits badly with me.

SO...here I am...feeling bad about camp:/ I'm taking the day off of tennis tomorrow, and taking The Little Man to the pool to try to make friends with the water...which seems a lot more productive than having him tested...for not wanting to swim.


  1. Dude, I'm in my 30's and I still don't know how to swim. Should I be tested?

    Wait, don't answer that.

    But really, that's ridiculous.

  2. Oh holy Lord, come on! You TOLD them that swimming would be an issue, you did your part! What is wrong with these people?? Frankly, you're being way too nice about this, I'd have been on the phone to the director or whatever. I'm sure Little Man is not the only child who has ever attended camp and not wished to swim. Why should you have to force him in an afternoon because it's inconvenient for there to be another counselor?

  3. Oh you would be WELL w/in your rights to say something. You were assured it wouldn't be a problem and now dude is actin up? He is completely OUT OF ORDER!! I'm hot FOR YOU!!

  4. That director was completely out of line to say that. I think you should say something. I mean, does he have special training with which he can diagnose a special needs child in three days? Wow! It usually takes longer than that. He's amazing! (sarcasm here).

    Really, you should say something. Not wanting to swim is no big deal. Ugh!

  5. Um, ok? That is annoying. It's like the school counselor (who knew MY child all of ONE HOUR) asking if we beat our kids. YES! I do. And I'm going to sit here and tell you all about it, you psychotic bitch...

    Sorry. No remaining ill-feelings are left over from THAT experience...

  6. Hmmmmm. Tracey beats her kids, huh? Unfortunately, we live in Will County, where calling CPS means that THEY beat your kids. Kidding.

    I was going to say something TOTALLY un-PC - geez, I can't even do it in parenthesis - but it seems to me like he's lacking in some of the social skills that he would accuse your son of needing. I'm just sayin'.

  7. I know as soon as I type this you'll say, "Sure, that's easy for you to say." I think you need to reconsider the camp. The camp director wants a bunch of kids who will follow the rules neatly so his day is easier.

    What you really don't want is to have the camp director scare little man so much that he never wants to go into the water again. The camp director is wrong on so many levels, but the first is that all kids learn to swim at different times. One of our girls wouldn't go near a pool when she was little. She would check th bags to make sure we weren't trying to sneak a bathing suit for her. She wouldn't leave my brothers' houses just to make sure we didn't try to take her into the pool.

    She did this until she was five. Everyone said we had to force her into the pool, but we never did. She's a fish now and a very strong swimmer.

    If he needed to be tested his regular school teachers would have brought it up. Not wanting to swim is not an indicator of special needs. It means he doesn't want to swim. He will swim in his own time.

    Screw the camp director's opinion. He's wrong on so many fronts it's not worth taking him seriously.

  8. and he is qualified to assess your kid because... oh wait, he's NOT. so he should shut his whore mouth.

    In my opinion.

  9. just tell him he was tested and the rx was he doesn't like water....end scene ??? i mean even if he was rx with something would they NOT let him in the camp ? or would they still make him go in the water ???

  10. If not wanting to get into a pool warrants testing, I guess I should get in line too. Where to people get the idea that anything and everything is a symptom of this or that disorder? Maybe he should get tested for being a jerk.

  11. I hope the counselor remembers this moment when he has kids of his own...

  12. Jeez, what a jerk! For whatever it's worth, my daughter is 10 and refuses to learn how to ride a bike.


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