No cat, no hat

The sun did not shine...
It was too wet to play...
So we sat in the house...
On that cold, cold wet day.
Scratch that...we went outside and played in the fountain anyway;)

*Crappy photos courtesy of my old Blackberry...I'm this close to buying an iphone.


  1. iPhone photos are pretty darn good !
    They make playing in the rain look like a good idea. I love that he is soaked and has his hood up LOL

  2. They were going to get wet in the fountain anyway, what's a little extra water. They looks like they are having a blast.

  3. Before you invest in an iPhone, make sure you check out US Cellular. Now I know that Android is NOT Apple stuff - but it is an excellent phone operating system and US Cellular is an excellent carrier. The phones they have (including the latest crackberries, btw) are excellent, as well - Samsung, LG, Blackberry and Motorola.

    Now that you heard from our sponsor (no, not really, but I LOVE US Cellular) - great shots of the wee ones - but I'm surprised the stuffed cat wasn't there.

  4. I love the photos and the fountain. The kids don't mind being wet now, do they?

  5. The little man looks like such a big kid. His face is losing that baby roundness. Still unbearably cute, but undeniably on his way to kid-dom. They grow up so fast. Sigh.

    Get an iPhone. You will LOVE. Promise.

  6. My dad has an android (the evo maybe) and I swear, it almost makes me want to turn in my iphone4. It's awesomeness.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures! LOVE

    Oh hai, remember me ;-) xoxoxooox

  7. Awesome. I have to take my kids to the local fountain things soon. Except, it KEEPS RAINING. And I am not a fan of that book.

  8. LURV it!

    p.s. I had an iPhone for two plus years and now have a Droid Incredible and it takes awesome pics by the way!


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