Mommy doesn't respond... yelling.

That has been my weekend mantra. I've been doing a lot of single parenting lately, and I've been a bit overwhelmed. When that happens, I feel myself slacking on the routine...especially the bedtime routine:/

This always results in a nightmare of a scene when it is actually time for kiddos to go. to. bed.

I hate yelling...I hate when the kiddos yell at me...I hate using the word "hate":/

I don't know if it's working...but when I hear "Mommy...this" or "Mommy...that" in that yelling snotty tone...I just say "Mommy doesn't respond to yelling." and I don't.

I actually sat down with the both of them and said: "We have to work on the yelling in this family. Mommy doesn't like to yell. It doesn't make Mommy feel good. Mommy doesn't like to be yelled at. From now on we are going to work on being a no yelling house. That means kiddos have to listen to Mommy, and do what she says."

I don't know if it's gonna work...but I'm really trying.

I yell when I loose control of the kiddos, and I yell when I'm frustrated...I'm trying not to do it anymore...wish me luck *fingers crossed*


  1. Don't yell. Shoot 'em with your Nerf Gun. If you don't have one, get one. And don't arm your children. Because if THEY have Nerf Guns, they WILL shoot back - and then everything dissolves into hopeless giggles and you'll never get your way.

  2. you're yelling? YELLING? You are now officially a part of the "Best Mothers In The World" club.

    It's brutal.

  3. I think it happens to least that's what I tell myself. It's hard to keep it all together and not lose it on our kids. Let me know if you figure out how to do that. Keep it all together, that is. :)

  4. I really need to try this. I feel like I practically wake up yelling. It stresses me out completely.

  5. I need to remember my old trick of telling the kids I can't understand them when they yell or use the wrong tone of voice. Drives them crazy, but they learn really fast to watch how they talk to me.

  6. Oh I need to do this too, lately I feel like I'm yelling all of the time because they are yelling or just being loud so I am yelling over them to tell them to not yell, which is ridiculous.


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