Cars 2...meh

OK...I'm gonna lead with...My Little Man LOVED this movie. He's 4, and I think he's the one who's supposed to love it.

A couple minutes before the movie started...after torturing us with SIX movie previews and a 20 minute Toy Story short...the lights went dim, and Cars 2 was FINALLY going to start. I looked over at The Little Man, and he was rocking back and forth in his seat chanting..."can't wait, can't wait, can't wait..."

This was one excited little boy!

Here's the thing...I've been spoiled by you Pixar. I'm used to these animated movies having something for the grown up as well as the kiddo. (Think Wall E, and Up) This one...not so much:/ A little too much potty humor for my taste, although if you're a four year old doesn't get much funnier than that.

I did however enjoy Michael Caine's character British Agent Finn McMissile. Fwiw, I could have done with a lot more of him...and a lot less Mater. I think that was the biggest problem with this movie...WAY too  much Mater:/

Don't get me wrong...My Little Man LOVED it...and I've no doubt it kicked some major bootay at the box office...I'm just giving you the head's up...if you're not a 4 year old boy...there's not a lot to love.


  1. Good to know.

    I'm taking my kids sometime next week. They are 9 and 4 so I imagine they'll find it hilarious.

    I'll just be pigging out on the nachos.

  2. Yup. Little boys and potty humor go hand in hand, so to speak. Bodily functions are grist for their mill.

    They're pretty funny for fat, old boys too. But for different reasons, I suppose.

    When you're 4, farts are funny, because you can do them on demand. When you're old, farts are funny because you CAN'T do them on demand - and if you do, it's usually a close call.


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