Le sigh

Look at it...*sigh* just look. at. it...

I was in the Mac store buying some software today...and licking the new MacBook Pros:P (No, I don't ACTUALLY lick them...I just VIRTUALLY lick them:P)

Walking into the new Mac store in my hood is literally what I imagine Heaven to be like. So white, and clean. If you look out of the corner of your eye, I swear the Macs are floating. Yes...they are floating...

Happy people, happy computers...Was I in Heaven? Did this really happen?

One of the angels people working came up to help me...

We had a nice discussion about how I LOVE my MacBook Pro...but it's about 3 years old now, and it's been giving me the rainbow pinwheel of sadness:( I went into the fact that on a daily basis, I have Photoshop, Illustrator and the Internet open while I work....and how most of the files on my computer are vector files...blah, blah, blah...listen while I talk about myself...(and he actually listened...I swear I saw a wing peak out...)

He then did something that shocked me. He said, "Let's keep you on your MacBook Pro as long as we can." With that, he logged onto one of the MacBooks I had been caressing (How could I not, it was so smooth and pretty) and made an appointment for me at the Genius bar. (Ah the Genius Bar...it's like hanging out on a cloud...)

So, instead of trying to sell me (as if that would be hard AT ALL) a new friend...the good folks at Mac want to keep my machine working for me as long as "we" can. "Especially since the next round of MacBooks are going to blow these out of the water."

Seriously people...they had me at "Hello" *Le sigh*


  1. I am posting on a MacBook right now .. belonging to my husband... because my G5 died a couple of days ago. I am still in mourning but there is a rumor that we will be visiting the Pretty White Room in our town where the Angels/Genius folks hang out ...
    I have a feeling that there will not be a MacBook in my future though, I am thinking a desk top with a honkin big screen.. the better to see my photos with my dear ~
    besitos !

  2. What did they tell you about the rainbow spinny wheel? I get it every day, too and I don't have the memory intensive programs running that you do.

  3. Oh, sure. Start talking sex first thing in the morning. Now I'm pining for Luscious (my MacBook Pro with the buttery keyboard) as I sit here in the office amid all these hooker keyboards in their non-PC PC's.


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