Blinding me with science

I gotta say...when the handout came to me from school saying my 5 year old would be participating in the science fair...I was like What!?!

How the heck?

Here's the deal. I have TWO design degrees. I can rock. a presentation. BUT, I am a firm believer in the child doing their own work. The dilemma...I can ROCK. a presentation.

Miss Peach chose to do "What Dissolves in Water" as her project. My job was to sit. on. my. hands. and let her do it.

There was a hypothesis.
There was measuring.
There was list making.
There was picture taking.
There was a conclusion. was time to make the board. You have to know how badly I wanted to scan everything she had written, import it into Photoshop, rock the presentation, and then take it to Kinko's to have it printed on foam core board. (Can I say to you right now, if I had my way, I'd mount everything on foam core, bills, Birthday cards...I love me some foam core board.)

I resisted...sorta:/

I bought the foam core board ('cause I love it) scanned everything Miss Peach had done, printed it back out on pimped out paper along with the pictures, then glue sticked it onto the foam core.

What? It's a compromise...right?

After school today, a row of Moms were watching the kiddos play, and b*tching about how late they'd been up...working on their kids science fair project.

Not me...I was super duper proud of how much I stayed out of it;)


  1. That.Is.Awesome. Way to rock staying out of it. ;)

  2. Good for you, staying out of it! :-)

  3. So where's the photo of Miss Peach presenting her project and blue ribbon?

  4. Staying out of it is the right thing for sure! I know I'll have to sit on my hands when our science fair time comes, but I definitely want my kids to take ownership of their own work and projects. Does it drive you nuts knowing that "your" presentation would have shamed those of the other moms?!

  5. Good for you! Teacher REALLY prefer when kids do the work! I "helped" my 5th grader with the decorations on his project, cutting, gluing, centering, but I let him do the real work, and didn't put in my 2cents... much. So hard to stand by and let them run the show!

  6. I've spent SEVEN hours today working on a display of photos for my son's Star of the Week display on poster board. I went completely OCD on it with labels, special glues, premade letters, etc. You would be soo proud.


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