Haircut 100-Volume II

Took The Little Man to get a haircut yesterday. Let's just say it had been a while since the last one.

Holy nightmare Batman! I was horrified. I literally had to drag him into the KidSnips kicking and screaming. I'd think there was a shot at the other end or something...sheesh:/
What is it about haircuts? Is it a boy thing?

I remember when my brother was little...he used to sit in the bathroom with a paper bag over his head after getting a haircut. (Granted, if I remember correctly, my mom was giving the haircut and I'm sure they weren't fabulous...but still, a bag...that's a bit dramatic Bro.)
When all was said and done...Little Man stopped crying, had a great new haircut, and did not end up with a bag on his head...So, I'm putting it in the win category;)

That being said...I'm really glad it's a short do, and I don't have to go through this again for a good couple of months.


  1. oh napwarden - not so little man-ish any more! (but still adorable)

  2. First, what a handsome little man you have there.

    Second, I hear it's a boy thing. I'd do whatever is in my womanly powers to make my husband take on this duty, except that he wants his 96-year-old grandfather to cut my son's hair as Grandpa did for him. Well played, husband.

  3. What is this? ANOTHER child who looks JUST LIKE YOU?

    Goodness. He is a handsome lad, nonetheless.

  4. He looks adorable! Fresh haircuts are quite charming, aren't they?

  5. I gave fabulous hair cuts. Remember even your dad had me cutting his hair because he could not get it right at the barbers.

    Little Man's haircut does look good.

  6. My son is almost 10- he still screams like a toddler when we *mention* a hair cut.


    But OMG how cute is Little Man?!

  7. He is so photogenic!


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