Hair this

Project grow hair like Cinderella's is going pretty well...

Other than the fact that Miss Peach will not let me pin her bangs back, and they are always in her pretty little face:/ (Which vexes Mommy on a daily basis.)
We were going through the do my hair ritual...for the nine billionth time...

"Don't pull my hair back." Miss Peach said

"But I love seeing your beautiful eyes:)" I replied.
"I don't see what the problem can still see one eye."

OK...I got nuthin' on that one...


  1. And it is such a beautiful eye. Imagine how beautiful two would be ! lol ... Girls.. hair .. headaches.

  2. OMG she looks like a mini napwarden! so adorable!

  3. bwahaha... you can still see one eye. my daughter has hair long like that and can't keep a hair clip in either!!

  4. Lady, there is NO missing the fact that she is YOUR child. Looks just like ya.


  5. your hair looks great! Last time my daughter went in for coloring she was there for over 4 hours, so a nice environment is vital!


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