#83 Butthead

Daily Chuck...

I've been absolutely swamped with design work, and sick kiddos:/ (Design work=good, Sick kiddos=bad)

This spring break has been pretty miserable...so I'm using it to catch up on Smokey/Chuck. Mr Smokey is just thrilled about it! Can't you tell;)


  1. That photo perfectly captures the "I will kill you in your sleep; you know that, yes?" look cats give. Just perfect.

    (Also, is that a diaper on his head? You're a brave woman indeed.)

  2. So ... what happened to the kid that used to be in that diaper?

    You see??? I TOLD you - he thinks you're LUNCH!

  3. okay....now....this is just getting sad for poor old kitty boy. LOL he just looks so pissed. LOL


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