Weight of the world

I don't know how my daughter has managed to go from 5 to 15 in the span of a week...but she has gone and done it:/

After school, I picked up Miss Peach and Little Man, and we met her friend at the zoo...

The kiddos played, and played, and played...and all was well...until it was time to go.

Miss Peach's pal, Amy and her sister were hungry, so their Mom decided it was time for them to go.

Since we live so close to the zoo, I said: "If you want to come back to our house, I can throw some popcorn in the microwave for the kiddos to snack on."

Miss Peach exploded! She thought that was a perfect idea, since she lives to show off her room to anyone who will stand in it.

Well...Amy's Mom said: "That's a very kind offer, but we'll have to do it another day. We really need to be getting home."

I. Was. Shocked. At. Miss. Peach's. Reaction:O

She dramatically crossed her arms in front of her, cocked her nose straight in the air, looked me in the eye and said as she spun around and stomped off in the other direction: "YOU'RE THE WORSTEST MOMMY EVER!"

I'm standing there completely dumbfounded...thinking..."Wait a minute...I'm the mommy who said YES..."

Miss Peach's friends packed up and left and after about 20 minutes of stomping around and calculatingly ignoring me...she allowed me to talk to her.

I said: "Miss Peach, I don't understand why you are mad at Mommy. I'm the Mommy who said yes. I can't control what Amy's Mommy says."

To which she said: "It doesn't matter what happens...it's ALWAYS YOUR FAULT!!!"

Those words rang in my ears in slow motion like I was in some bad sitcom...


Is this what I have to look forward to...a lifetime of "ALWAYS YOUR FAULT!!!"

I suppose it's good that I find that out now...sorta???

Good Lord I need a nap:/


  1. lordy help ya !!! i get that too, and i have 2 girl.....

  2. my daughter really IS 15 and yes, it's always my fault.

  3. Oh my God. Sometimes I am glad I only had boys.

  4. I had/have a Drama Queen too. She's 23 now and still very dramatic. God love the mother of girls.

  5. Hmmm, I hope the other mom doesn't decline the invitation from now on so that it won't rub off on her girl! Girls can be so dramatic!

  6. I always made 'em laugh. They can't be little buttheads when they're giggling uncontrollably.

  7. Yes, it is and always be your fault. My daughter is 21 and I'd say we're about 50-50 at this stage. If I can't srop everything and do what she needs/wants, half the time she's mad and half the time she's understanding.

  8. As the mother of a 12 year old girl I feel it's my duty to warn you that it only gets worse.


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