That kid

On the way home today, the kiddos were begging for "Dairy Queeeeeeen!!!!"

Had they not been complete monsters on the playground, I might have considered it. The way I look at it is, if I'm going to shell out my hard earned money to get them a treat, the least I can expect is some good least they could listen to me:/

So....I said: "No, we are not doing Dairy Queen haven't earned it."

To which The Little Man said: "f*ck"

Did I just hear that? Did my four year old just say the "f" word???

I said: "What did you just say?"

He said: "f*ck"

OK...there was no way I was hearing that. He was in the front of the stroller...there was a lot of traffic noise...he has a cute little lisp...I had to have heard that wrong. I stopped pushing, walked to the front of the stroller, looked him right in the eye and said: "What did you say?"

He said: "f*ck" mistake four year old just said the "f" word...three times to me...without having any idea it was a bad word. I mean, he knows "God dammit" is a bad word. He substitutes and says "got penguin" instead. I can't exactly police substitutes. He knows potty words are gonna get him in trouble. He knows "stupid" and "hate" are unacceptable words...but he didn't know "f*ck" was a bad word. (Although, now he knows that it absolutely means there will be no Dairy Queen.)

Little Man told me who he got this word from. (I knew that kid was gonna be a problem on day one:/) It was my biggest fear about sending them off to school. What do you do when your kiddos are exposed to other people's children?

I'm exhausted...


  1. My 2yo said that to me once but sadly, she heard that one from me. Oops. I've been better about being careful and I've not heard that around the house since, but I know what you mean about bad habits they pick up in school.

    Since we can't control their every word and movement, as long as they're at home and around us and we are consistent with our expectations of them, I think that will help them learn quickly what is and isn't acceptable behavior in our own family. That also means I should be better about what I say in front of her too!

  2. "What do you do when your kiddos are exposed to other people's children?"

    F*ck, I don't know.

  3. There are days when no ice cream would evoke the same response from me.

    My kids probably picked up all their bad words from me. I have no excuses.

  4. We call them "grown-up words" at my house, meaning Alexis can use them when she's grown up. It seems to make them less far. She does rat everyone out who uses a grown-up word, though.

  5. I've had this too - my angels coming home with things that drop my jaw, like when my darling 1st grade daughter came home and told me her friend at school's daddy went "booty hunting" this weekend, and what does that mean Mom? (!!!!!)

    I have tried to explain that other parents and kids do things differently, and even do things we consider wrong. So once we've said it's wrong, you are going to be held responsible for doing it, whether you can name 50 friends who do it or not.

  6. I'd make a tee shirt that said,

    "My Heart belongs to Mommy,
    My Mind belongs to Daddy,
    My Vocabulary belongs to (Insert name of offending child),
    He taught me to say F**K."

  7. I just make sure he (and he's only 3) knows that those behaviors don't fly at home. I always tell him "so and so may have said/done that but you do not." So far it's working but I'm sure it will change as he gets older.


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