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My Step Mother makes the most amazing hand made cards.

The kiddos love them...Every Holiday, they start watching the mail waiting for their cards.

Valentine's Day came and went...and Miss Peach was sure she was going to get a card from her Grandma "J"...she waited, and waited........and waited...no card:(

Finally we called to see what was up, since I was sure she had sent one, and our mail is so completely the worst in the nation:/ (I am not kidding, I get mail for just about everyone, and I get about a third of my mail.)

Turns out...she had gotten the flu over the Holiday and didn't get the chance to make Valentine's Day cards for the kiddos. I so get that since I just got over the flu, and all I had the energy to do was roll over:P

Guess what came in the mail over the weekend...
...handmade cards from Grandma "J"!!!
How clever is that?!? She made her own pop up cards! The Little Man got fishes...
...and Miss Peach got a pony! (She has carried it with her ALL weekend.)

I so wish I was crafty.

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