Tough night last night:/

About 2am I hear..."MOMMY!"

I did that wait with my eyes closed hoping it was just a such luck.

Little Man was sick:( I put him in bed with me, and he rolled around, moaned, and coughed for two hours. He was in that you think he's awake, but actually he's totally asleep state.

Then he shot straight up in the bed and said "I'm going to throw up!"

I grabbed a bowl and up it came...poor little fellow:/

When he was done, he collapsed back into the bed.

I asked him if he wanted some "nice medicine"...(We call it nice medicine as if that's going to make it easier to get them to take it...No, it doesn't work.)

He said: "No thank you Mama."

...and then proceeded to continue coughing.

I asked him again: "Are you sure you wouldn't like some nice medicine?"

He said: "I said, No Thank You Mama...Aren't you proud of my manners?"

I don't know why, but in the middle of the night, with my poor little fellow being half asleep and just being sick, I found "Aren't you proud of my manners?" to be the sweetest little made me giggle.

He's feeling a little better today, and I think he'll be back in school tomorrow;)


  1. what a little sweetheart. :) Hope he's feeling better soon.

  2. I'm glad to see all the time he's spent tied to the stake, being severely lashed, has paid off.

  3. If they remember to use manners in the middle of the night and while sick, that's a pretty good sign you've done a good job.

  4. is cute...I mean who feels like having manners when you are vomiting? what a polite little boy. :)


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