Not a bad day

I hate to admit, in the teeniest...tiniest way...I'm talking oh SO tiny...

My nose was only the weeniest bit out of joint this week:/

Some fabulous Chicago Bloggers that I know were invited to the many events going on this week. I really didn't want to go (no I am not sour grapes-ing this). I've had TONS of blog design work on my stoopid car won't's like -40 degrees outside (not really, but it's cold). All of that aside...a girl likes to get the invite...ya know?

So, nose just a pinch out of joint...and then...

a party...

I really can't say much about...

BAM!!!! Yes, that IS me with Tom Brokaw!

Everyone...say hello to Tom...Tom...say hello to everyone:)

Oh...did I forget to mention...
James nice and say hello to everyone:)

Be nice...
...and for the Chicago favorite news woman...Carol Marin!

If you don't know her...she's awesome...she's a TV and print journalist who writes for The Chicago Sun Times. I agree with her pretty much ALL the time;)

I suppose the moral of the story don't get invited to all the parties all the time...but every once in a get to meet Tom Brokaw...and that's not too shabby;)


  1. Not too shabby at all. Well done you.

  2. That sounds like a heck of a party! How fun!!

  3. Wow! How fabulous! I'd love to be in your shoes!

  4. Oh my, you are too cute. Tom is still pretty handsome!

  5. well I NEVER get invited to anything - in fact - I NEVER even hear of anything! That's how deep out of the loop I am! hee hee


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