Conversation overheard between Miss Peach and Little Man in their Not a Box Clubhouse...

Miss Peach: "Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh..." "Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh..." "Baby baby baby oh, my baby baby baby..."

Little Man: "I like that song!"

Miss Peach: "I do's sung by Justin Beaver. He's the brother of my best friend Elena!"

Little Man: "Oh...that's cool."

Miss Peach: "I know! I have a crush on him."

I don't know what disturbs me more...the fact that Miss Peach actually believes her friend Elena when she tells her that Justin Bieber is her brother...or the fact that she thinks his name is Justin Beaver... 5 year old is boy crazy:O


  1. Oh, it's just that whole 'older man' thing. Don't worry. As soon as his voice changes she'll think he's too old.

  2. well... my friend's mom also thinks his name is beaver... which is worse? lolol

  3. ...or at five she "knows" what a crush is.. you are so lucky to get to listen to

  4. Sorry, you're on your own, says the grandma to two boys ;)

  5. Alexis currently thinks he's "Justin Diva." I might have had something to do with that.

  6. I just bought Miss Missy her first JB shirt for Valentine's Day and it was a MUST to wear it to school today! SMH!

  7. We're headed to his movie this weekend. It's so cute to watch them go through their first celeb crush, isn't it?


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