Like mother like daughter

I don't know how I didn't notice that Miss Peach can draw!

She came up to me in tears...crying....

"Mommy, I drew this for The Little Man, and he doesn't think it looks like a penguin!"

To which I said "Well not only is it a penguin...but it is a FABULOUS penguin!"

She wiped the tears away from her face and replied "It's a penguin in a snow storm:)"

"Of course it is=)"

(Between you and me...that penguin better watch out for that one's a doozy!)


  1. I consider myself to be a penguin expert . . . and I would have to agree that it is a pretty awesome drawing. :)

  2. But the heart above the giant snowflake will heal the perfect little penguin!

  3. i think the penguin is off in the distance, and the snowflakes are just CLOSER to the observer, who has focuses her eye on them, so they appear larger than life.....the penguin is actually 40 feet tall and in perfect proportion to the snowflakes :-)

  4. Does she draw a dozen pictures a day and expect you to save them all? Our girls do. They get upset when we suggest that one of their drawings isn't worth saving FOREVER!

  5. Love that penguin! She does take after mommy!

  6. That is an awesome penguin! How could Little Man not see it?

    (I laughed out loud at the doozy snowflake remark!)


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