Dunst watch (progress?)

There's this weekly paper in Chicago called The Reader.

One column is The Straight Dope by Cecil Adams. People write in and ask random questions, and Cecil answers them. guessed it! I put my Dunst watch question to Cecil:

I have lived in Lincoln Park for over 15 years. About 10 years ago, I noticed Xeroxed photos of Kirsten Dunst in random news stands up and down Clark Street. Recently I documented this on my

Is this part of your plot to displace The New York Times as the national paper of record? What gives? Recently, the pictures have moved into a creepy decoupage.

Who is doing this? I have legions of readers who need to know!

Thanking you in advance for having all the answers;)

I totally never expected to hear back but much to my surprise...this popped into my email:

Cecil gets a lot of Chicago-related mail, and he basically answers only one a week. We truly regret that we  don't have the staff or resources to answer each question personally.  However, here's the good news: your Lincoln Park question will be in the short list that Cecil considers. The bad news: I can't guarantee any time frame, or even whether Cecil will answer it; I can only guarantee that he'll see it and consider it.
Thanks for writing,
Happy holidays
CK Dexter Haven
Straight Dope Staff

So whadd'ya Cecil going to crack the mystery that is Dunst watch??? Stay tuned;)


  1. If he doesn't, he SHOULD! That's a great story!

  2. Ha! I kind of don't want him to! I want YOU to do it! The poster will do an expose' on the grounds that you don't reveal his/her identity. LOLOLOL I think that would be awesome.

  3. It is probably one of the more obscure questions he gets... so I say he will.

  4. You have GOT to somehow figure out who puts the photos there. It is your mission for 2011. DOOO IT!

  5. If he doesn't have an answer, maybe he'll post the question to his readers. Someone must know.

  6. And so it continues...

    (Why am I SO fascinated by this?)

  7. Dude, Cecil, if you KNOW you better SHARE.

    Then again, maybe it's the mystery we like? Do we really WANT to know???


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