And. Scene.

I seem to be on a tennis theme this week...

Remember Wednesdays kiddos have been taking lessons?

Well, that went well for...oooohhh...about two weeks:/

We've kind of been playing the whole thing week by week and seeing how it goes. So far, it's been pretty hairy.

Today, I excused myself from the court (I have found that if I leave, my kiddos do better) so I found my reason to leave, and not 5 minutes later, I get a call from the coach...

"Cindy, this just isn't going to work...can you come pick them up?"


I get down to the court, and Coach M is holding all three rackets as the kiddos run like wild Indians throwing tennis balls at each other.

"I can't give these guys rackets, they won't listen, and it's just too dangerous."

When you give kiddos who have been cooped up in school all day, with no recess (too cold to go outside) a tennis racket, they beat on each other with it...and those little things hurt!

Well bummer:( I'm really not over thinking this. There's plenty of time for my tots to play tennis. I truly only signed them up because I thought it would be something fun to do with their friends every week.

I suppose it takes a little more discipline than they have right now.

SO...I'm off to find something else for them to do on Wednesdays:/

Any suggestions???


  1. Find somewhere they can run and throw tennis balls at each other

  2. I wouldn't say "Karate chopping" as quickly as I would say "Karate Lessons". Or SOME form of Martial Arts. Judo. Jujitsu. Tae Kwon Do. It isn't necessary for them to learn to break boards and all that stuff so much as it helps them to learn self-discipline, self respect, and respect for others.

    And you're never too young to begin learning those lessons.

    (None of that is to imply that your children aren't perfectly behaved little darlings - but I have raised three sons, and all three of them attended Karate classes, with me, too, and we ALL learned things that continue to serve us to this day.)

  3. We have some generic sports classes here that are offered by a couple of the gymnastics places. The kids get to play various "organized" sports (the quotes are completely necessary, trust me) and basically just run around and play like you would at open gym, with moments of following instructions and such mixed in. Maybe you can find some of that crazy fun?

  4. Oooh!! I know. I know. You could, um.... illustrate on Wednesdays! (LOL). Teehee. Just kidding. Oh wait. You asked what should the kiddos do on Wednesdays. What about a painting or cooking class?


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