Creepy Kringle

Am I the only one TOTALLY. CREEPED. OUT. BY. THIS?

I was running on Oak St. the today, and this window stopped me in my tracks:O

I'm talking stopped me in the cold. I took out my phone, paused The Glee Channel on Slacker Radio (in the middle of Don't Stop Believing no less), and snapped this pic to show you all.

I dunno...somethin' really creepy about this:/


  1. EEUUWW !! That is so not a good Santa !

    unwholesome.. scary ... questionable taste santa lol

  2. Oh holy cow - I jumped when just his face popped up in Reader!

    Yuck. Need to scrub this one from the brain for sure.

    Have a Merry Christmas (with a normal jolly ol Santa)!!!

  3. That is arguably one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. And may have ruined Santa for me.


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