Dunst watch

New to Dunst watch? Here's the deal...

OK...I applied for a job. I used my blog as a reference. I love my blog. I'd even go so far as to say I'm proud of my blog. Then I get an email from my Mom...

God bless her...I know she has only the best intentions...

"You might want to repost some of your better content. The folks looking at your blog might  not get Dunst watch, and Smokey/Chuck."

No can do Mom...To quote Popeye..."I am what I am;)"

Oh...and Holy Glam, I mean Kirsten.


  1. You SHOULD be proud of your blog! Fingers crossed for you!

    And I want to take a picture like that.

  2. Absolutely, you should be proud of your blog. And as for Kirsten? Holy Marlene Dietrich, Batman!!

  3. I would hire you in a second.

    And really, would you want to work for a person who doesn't get Dunst Watch???


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