Dunst watch

New to Dunst watch? Here's the deal...

OK, while I am completely fascinated with this whole Dunst phenomenon I have going on in my hood...Isn't that the cutest haircut Kirsten is rocking? I would SO go for that do if I thought for one second I could pull it off!

Thanks to Sissy for snapping this shot in her hood;)


  1. Here is how I know that we were meant to be friends, the very first thing I thought when I scrolled down was "LOVE THE HAIRCUT!"

  2. I have to agree - love this haircut too! Maybe when I get my hair chopped next year (growing to donate) that I'll do that cut. :)

  3. Yeah, the haircut's cute. And she's gorgeous. And famous. And gorgeous.

    But can she clean fish?

  4. The hair is so CUTE. I've had that hair before like 20 years ago and it was awesome.

  5. I had a scarring hair cut incident in preschool.

    And though the years have passed, my trauma remains.

    I shall never attempt that haircut.

    And I blame my mother.




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