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Well...I just got back from Bloggy Boot Camp Philly. (Where I had the privilege of presenting on blog design & branding yourself in social media)

First...What. A. Blast. I. Had!!! Loved speaking, loved meeting everyone, I even loved the appletinis I drank:P

I'll show the cool video from my presentation later this week, right now, I want to give everyone the list of resources to get your blog design rocking and rolling. Most of them are free, or pretty darn cheap. Like I said in my presentation..."Me likey the free:)"


Vecteezy- free illustrations, icons, patterns, and if you use Photoshop or Illustrator, they have free brush packs as well;) I got a few of my vectors for the video from this site. Dig around, there is some great stuff here. 

Magic People- I'm new to this site, but if you dig around, you can find some great illustrations of people.

Fenderskirts Vintage Imagery- If you are going retro, or pin up girl, this site is for you. I REALLY love the images here. (most cost about $6) Go check it out for ideas, there's SO much here.

Tack-O-Rama- Another GREAT resource for retro images, background tiles, and photos. Some are free, some cost under $5...worth checking out.

Pixels & Cream- This is a cute site on Blogger with pretty (fabulous) freebies and premium brushes, patterns and illustrations. (Some really nice Doodle Frames here)

DaPino-Colada- I have never used any vectors from this site...but there are some really cute illustrations of women here.

stock.xchng- Just a great free stock photo site. I don't use this one as much, but it's another free photo site.

Dreamstime- Has both free, and commercial photos for use.

Fonts: If I had a dollar for every minute I spend on this site. Don't get lost...m'kay?

Color Sites:

COLOURlovers- Great free site for colors, patterns and palettes. free;)

Kuler- Probably the coolest thing I've seen to do with color! No surprise it's from Adobe (Oh Adobe...I heart you so much...why don't you ever call me back?) I'd say watch this little video from Adobe TV (Why don't I work there?) before you get started with Kuler.

So WOW...that's a lot of links. I gotta think that will get you started towards a great blog design;)

Thanks SO much Tiffany and Bloggy Boot Camp for giving me the opportunity to speak to, and meet all of the wonderful people I met at Boot Camp Philly!


  1. I know I already said this in person but I felt the need to comment so that it is frozen on the internet for all of time. You are cool. You rock. You get it. And I love, love that you are self-taught. I'm a self-teacher. Love me some Illustrator but need to get over my fear of Photoshop. I'm inspired. You should definitely hit the speaker circuit!

  2. Holy Cow - YOU ROCK!!! I cannot agree more with Fadra! I love to play around and try new things and get into code and all that fun stuff. I cannot wait to use all these awesome resources.


  3. It's settled. You are the awesomest. Miss you already. Why do you have to live so far away? I need to hear all about Saturday night!

  4. Thank you, Thank you! You were so inspiring!

  5. You're going to show us the video??

    I do so love that video.

    And you rocked as a speaker.

    But everyone knows that.

  6. I've said it about five times since this weekend but I will say it again...I big pink puffy heart love you!
    I fixed my footer on my blog today to include a real picture of me (gasp!) and links to my favorite posts I have written. I have you and your awesome advice to thank for that!

  7. Thanks for the great presentation and for these links! I loved meeting you!

  8. Thanks so much, what a great resource this is! Your presentation was amazing at BBC Philly, I loved it!

  9. As I said at the cocktail party (which you may not remember depending upon how many of those appletini's you had!)your presentation was one of the absolute BEST I have seen throughout both conferences that I have attended.

    I couldn't even stop to TWEET because I didn't want to turn away and miss anything you were saying and showing through your video.

    Seriously---you deserve the cape. Well done.

  10. It was fantastic -- I didn't tweet a darn thing, since I was completely too busy taking notes.

  11. So, you probably did mention this during your presentation, but I forgot. If we use a vector image from one of the free sites, is it okay to change/manipulate it? Do we have to post credit for the image?

  12. I'm new to this whole blogging thing and these are some great resources! Thanks so much!

  13. Also check out :)


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