#42 Golden oldie

Daily Chuck...

Little known fact about Mr. Smokey Joe...someone dumped him on my mother's farm:( Can you believe anyone would not want this crabby bundle of love?

Because of that...we have no pictures of Smokey as a kitten...although quite frankly, I think he was born a crabby old cat...even when a mini pony is giving him a kiss;)

*Photo taken by mom before she made Smokey be a city cat. (He kept chasing all the other cats away, so he was banished to the city:/)


  1. Hahahahaha. I LOVE that he ran all the other cats away. At least he has a loving home and adoring fans like me now! Smokey's right where he belongs!

  2. I would like to see Mr. Daily Chuck's reaction to getting kissed by a mini pony.

  3. You have to love that Smokey was all I Am The Boss so that he could get kicked off the farm and into the easy life!

  4. What a cute photo! Taking good photos is in the genes on your side of the family, huh?

  5. I did know this little known fact ;D
    Such a cool photo, how'd your mom get the horse to stick to his head?

  6. The mini pony is soooo cute :)


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