My favorite house

This is my favorite house in the city. I walk by it at least every other day...and I just stare and wonder...
It sits on top of a premier condo building right on the park...
The view has got to be AMAZING, since it faces the lake, and has an unobstructed view. Sadly, every time I look at it, all the blinds are closed:/
I often wonder who lives here...I has got to take piles and piles of money to live there. (Seriously...we are talking money like I can't even imagine:/)

When I bought my first condo (five blocks up on the park) I asked my kooky real estate agent about the penthouse.

She told me that while she didn't know the current owners, the previous owner was a big time screenwriter...who lived alone. I won't tell you what screenplay she claimed he wrote, 'cause it's just gossip (I will tell you it involved dinosaurs)...

Anyway...this owner let the house fall into total disrepair. He was a complete recluse, never went out, never had company (you know, a Willy Wonka type) When he died, in the house, it took weeks before anyone actually found him. Isn't that just crazy?!?

I'm told the new owners pimped it to within an inch of sanity. Which makes me happy, since it's such a fabulous home...That being said...even if I was sitting on a pile of cash (which I'm totally not:P), I don't know if I could handle the past...kinda


  1. OOOH sounds like the house across from mine. It was this huge old house that was the home of our neighborhood crazy, aptly named "Crazy Dick". Yeah, he was that old man always in his bathrobe. Always yelling at kids to "get off his lawn". Who almost never left his house. Where neighborhood children were daring each other to ring&run.

    He and his wife died in that house. When the paramedics came in, someone fell through the floor because the wood had been left to rot under years of dog pee and poo, EWWWWWWWWWWWW.

    Now, we have a beautiful home staring back at us. An older couple retired and bought this waterfront property. They remodeled and landscaped and made it amazing. But still...I can't imagine living there. Ewwwwwwww!

  2. That really is a very cool house! I don't know if I could get past the fatal history of it either.

  3. Yeah, I guess some history is better left untold. But the house is beautiful!

  4. The blinds being closed just makes me sad. Spring for some tinted/mirrored windows if you want privacy, y'know?

  5. My thoughts are- if the new owners have spent money we cant even fathom on this house- why in the world would they keep it all dark and icky with the windows closed all the time??? and also- yeah. someone died there. ew.

  6. I don't think I could handle the past. Someone dying peacefully is one thing, but dying alone and potentially rotting . . . no thanks.

    The view would be wonderful though.

    I might steal your idea and post some pics of the favorite houses I always walk past!

  7. I couldn't spend that kind of money, not unless I was sharing with people to enjoy it -having parties, company, etc.

    Gorgeous. At least they share the outside with you, eh?

  8. I could get over the past for that house, I'm pretty sure. Especially if I had oodles of money to remodel. I live in a fantasy world a lot of the time.

  9. I often wonder what it would be like to live in this house or that. Why is it that we take to one house and not to the other? My choices are usually old and broken - I think I want to mother them.


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