After the rain

I haven't blogged too much about my running...

Yes, I have been running.

You know I've kinda been in this huge funk. I have found that getting back to things that make me feel like "me"...helps a lot.

So, I've been running...and playing quite a bit of guitar.

I did loose some of my design mojo...but oddly enough, just came back...


Who knows...I might just post a video of me singing and playing guitar...Stay tuned;)

*We got a TON of rain this weekend. Needless to say, I did not take my regular path through the under pass. Holy flood Batman!


  1. Running is so good for the Blahs ..
    Pup used to run with me .. that was good.
    Now we just walk, miles and miles.
    Whatever keeps you our of the funk , is Good.

  2. I feel so much better today since I ran last night! It really is good for the Blahs :-)
    I totally understand how you feel though...I've been in a funk lately, and lost my mojo of sorts. Glad to hear you're getting yours back babe! See you soon :-)

  3. I've been in a bit of a funk, myself. I'm probably not running often enough. Funny how that makes such a difference.

  4. Yikes! That is a lot of rain! My running or trotting as I like to call it is practically non-existent these days on account of the heat and humidity. I didn't know you played guitar -- as I look to enterign the next decade of my life, I decided I want to learn to play so have asked for one for my birthday. We can jam together!


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