#37 The new digs

Daily Chuck...

OK, no doubt my little fenced in patio in Chitown is nowhere near as big as my gal Heather's fabu new back yard:/

That said...it is pretty darn nice having my little postage stamp of private space in the urban jungle...and Mr Fatty Cat can't get out...not that he's trying really hard:P


  1. Mr. Fatty Cat looks pretty darned satisfied with what he's got. : )

  2. He does look a bit Low Energy there.. but it is summer, he can relax.

  3. Nice shot. Where is the light illuminating the left side (Chuck's right side) of his face coming from? Notice the difference in light color from the cat's right and cat's upper left? Cat's left is being lit by (I think) open sky, but his right is being lit by a reflection off a colored object OR something that's in the sun.



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