Today, The Little Man and I took a bus downtown. There is a dress I have been watching, and I was hoping it was finally on sale. (Trying to build up a bit of a Blogher wardrobe here.)

Riding on a city bus with a three year old, when it's full of folks going to me a huge giggle. Little Man has no filter...the bus is totally quiet, and he is talking up a storm...LOUDLY.

Little Man: "Mommy, I see a cab!"

Me: "Yes, there are many cabs in the city:)"

Little Man: "Look, another cab!"

Me: "Yes, there are many cabs in the city:)"

Little Man: "Mommy, why is there a human on some of the seats?"

(He means the priority seats for folks who might need them. They are marked with the universal wheelchair symbol. Whenever he sees the don't walk guy, or the children playing guy or the wheelchair guy...he calls them "human".)

Me: "That is seating for folks who might need to sit close to the front of the bus."

Little Man: "Look...another human!" (LOUDLY, referring to the don't walk guy)

A woman on the bus actually asked me what Little Man meant by "human"...I kid you not...the whole packed bus was quiet, and listening to my explanation...

I clued her in to the world according to Little Man...and everyone on the bus chuckled:-D

...aaaand then I found my dress...on sale...and I fit a size two...SCORE! (All those marathons were good for something;) )


  1. I love it. I think I shall call them Human parking spaces from now on. ;)

  2. Pics of the dress or it didn't happen. Ahem.

  3. LOL Now, where is the photo of this dress? Would Tim Gunn approve? Are you keeping it under wraps till BlogHer?

  4. That is freaking adorable. Want to scrunch his cheeks.

  5. I love kidisms. And a size 2! You totally rock!!


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