I feel like I can't live in Chicago without mentioning the Hawks...

Holy Stanley Cup Batman!!! Truly, the city has gone completely Hawk wild. This particular shot is the entrance at Tiffany's (typically naked statue guy) wearing a Hawks jersey...

Makes me chuckle:-D

Now what are the odds of the Cubs winning...anyone...*crickets chirping*


  1. The Cubs winning what? A single stupid game against the southsiders? Grrrrr

  2. Seems to me that, once again, this is NOT going to be the year. :(

  3. LOL, I love hockey fans.
    I love hockey but for some reason, they don't play much of it down here :)

  4. Naked Dude still freaks me out. I mean, fine, go ahead and slap the jersey on him, but could they have given him some underwear? Have you ever seen a man walking around with just a shirt on? It's really not pleasant and yet THERE HE IS. ON DISPLAY.

    At least you had really cool company while taking that photo. ;-)

  5. I didn't realize you're in Chicago. I'm from the Chicago suburbs (don't live there now, though). Anyway, I hear ya on Hawk crazies. People I never even thought knew what hockey is were going nuts! LOL Gotta love Chicago! :-)

    (And I would so LOVE the Cubbies to win. But, well, I'm more than skeptical ... )


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