Control this

My children are horrible, defiant, wild animals:/ Really...they. are. HORRIBLE.

Don't get me wrong...I love them. I wanted nothing more than to quit my job, and raise happy kiddos. Why are they being so mean?

I single parent a lot. Perhaps that's the problem? I make breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as take them everywhere, and anywhere they want to go. Why does everything have to be so difficult? Why does everything have to be a battle? They absolutely, will not, do anything I say.

If Mommy says "do this", they will always, always, always "do that". Miss Peach actually gives me the Heisman hand and says "NO!" to everything I say. Where the heck did she learn the Heisman hand?

What I hate most about this behavior, is that it brings out the yelling in me. I hate yelling:/ Ugh...I am so NOT a yeller, and yet the last couple of weeks, I have found myself yelling...all. the. time. It makes me feel horrible, and what's doesn't even work. They completely ignore it...doesn't phase them in the least. So what the heck will work? How do I regain control?

I am truly at my wits end...and they are only 3, and 4.

I am exhausted...overwhelmed...and my kiddos are out of control. *insert sad face here*

*outtake from #26 Not again shoot is for Jameil;) It really loses the drama when it's not in black and white...and makes me chuckle:-D


  1. Yep. Sounds about right.

    Also, what's the Heisman hand??

  2. You know...when they put up their hand like the Heisman trophy (football) and totally ignore you:/

  3. Hang in there! I think all kids go through phases like these! I'm dealing with my son acting that way all of the sudden and it's driving me insane. He normally listens really well and is a well behaved kid - NOT anymore! Like my mom always tells me, this too shall pass!

  4. Oh, 3 and 4. Those are bad, bad ages. Especially together. My son just turned 4 and he's a monster. My daughter is on the verge of 2 and I'm not looking forward to it. At all.

  5. Lololol. Thanks for the outtake! I'm childless but my sister and I are 19 mos. apart. I'm CERTAIN my mom had a period like this as a SAHM who was often a single mom w/my dad working out of town & we were driving her UP A WALL. You can do it. We're both cool, creative college grads!

  6. ugh! Deep breaths, deep breaths. You and me both sistah. 4 and 2 are certainly the ages of defiance. Makes me wanna scream. oh wait- I do. at them. and like you said- it does nothing. but it sure lets some steam out so I can regain composure. Or something loosely resembling it.

  7. My son could give Little Man and Miss Peach quite a run for that stinkin' trophy. I can only think I two losers in the fight. YOU and ME!

    I am so with you. Today, hubs and the baby were home sick, so I offered to take my son to lunch at his favorite place after school. It was mostly so Hubs and baby could nap in peace, but he didn't know that. As far as he was concerned we were doing something FUN...

    On the way over to the restaurant, his whining put me in such a blind fury, I *almost* ran a light. So I commiserate with you and ask WHY to they have to turn everything into a fight? WHY?!

  8. It's the terrible three's! Have you tried "mommy time out?" You need 3 or 4 minutes to regroup?

    When my son was three, if I hadn't been a working mom, I would have updated my resume, and been sending it out to everyone! 5 is so much better!

  9. I have found that chores are the answer to many of life's problems. When my kids get 'tudes I assign a chore. If they grumble about it, they have another added on. Two things happen: 1. Attitudes improve. 2. The chores are done.

    This has been a lifesaver in my family. Of course, it helps if you're a slacker of a housekeeper.

  10. Are your kids ticklish? Mine were. And are. Although it's rather more difficult to tickle a giant version of the 3 and 4 year old they used to be.

    Anyway. We always found laughter helped a lot. Kids find it very difficult to be 'bad' when they're full of giggles. Tickling, of course, was a last resort.

    3 and 4 year olds have a very simple, if not slightly perverted, sense of humor. Appeal to that. Make them laugh. YOU know what makes YOUR kids laugh. Go for that.

  11. It's not just your kids. TRUST ME. Yelling doesn't work, but I am forced to do it all the time. SUCKS.

  12. I used to tell them to do the opposite.
    My husband would tease them about a character who would always do the opposite of everything he was told... so if I wanted the Boy to sit up for a photo, I would say something like fall over like you are sleeping.. he would sit up ..
    They are smart, your kiddies... they know just which buttons to push :)

  13. Awww, I feel your pain. Just tell yourself it's just a furball stage they have to cough up. It will pass, believe me. Hugs. x

  14. I've been yelling these days as well even though my middle darling does not listen to a single word I say or yell.

    Hang in there. Maybe we can plan a Chicago Moms Yell-Off . . . or a playdate.

  15. Is there something in the air? My daughter is the same way and it is maddening. I don't know what to do, honestly.

  16. I can so relate and it is still going on. If they werent cute........ lol

  17. no advice, just want to chime in that you are not alone. I single parent a lot too and it just gets old. By the end of the day, mommy wants her shift to be OVER!!!

    i've told a lot of wine helps things? :)

  18. I find I need to put her in Time out and try (I Said TRY!) not to yell while doing it. Even when she screams and cries...Time out is for not listening to mommy and daddy...period!

    And I use a cotton Ball reward system. Actually its those colored pom poms used in crafts. I have a glass vase I use in the morning. If she gets up without me having to drag her out of bed and goes potty by herself she gets 3 'cotton balls'. If she dresses herself she gets five and if she eats her breakfast she gets five.

    When we fill the jar she gets a special prize or treat, like a stamp kit or Going to see Shrek Forever.

    It works!


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