#30 Tuscan Charles

Daily Chuck...

(Sung to the tune of "On Top Of Old Smokey")

On top of Old Smokey...
I'm putting some grapes...
If he does not like it...
Then I will use tape:P

Safe to say, Smokey did not enjoy this one:/ I probably enjoyed it a bit too much;)


  1. Hahahahahaha. Smoldering. I'm going to spend more of my days coming up with descriptions for Smokey's looks. BOLO.

  2. Okay, I fooled around and lost my comment. Again. That's one amazing critter, that's all I have to say. (and then) Oh. Is this not just a little overexposed? Or were you working toward this effect?

  3. I love Smokey.. how does he let you do the things you do... My cats would protest.

    Cute poem too.

  4. He's just ticked you forgot to have someone there waving palm fronds. =>

  5. I kinda like the overexposed vibe. Intentional or not. It's working...

    Happy Monday.

  6. HA! I really want to see a picture of Smokey being "happy", does this happen?

  7. You remind me of my daughter.
    We had my mom's ancient old terrier at our house for a while and I would wake in the morning to my daughters giggles.
    Finding her in bed, with the dog, who was dressed in her dolls clothes..poor shaking pathetic dog, licking her lips, looking distressed and my daughter collapsed on the bed in giggles.
    Smokey loves the attention and would be sad if you stopped ..

  8. Damn. I'm going to be singing that ditty for the rest of the afternoon.


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